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Henry Awle, a resilient 21-year-old hailing from Ganvia, Badagry, found himself facing the harsh reality of limited opportunities due to financial constraints. Despite his aspirations for higher education, the burden of his family’s financial struggles forced him to seek alternative paths to success. However, his unwavering determination and talent led him to embrace the art of Tailoring Phonex Embroidery, illuminating a path towards a brighter future.HENRY AWLE,who
Grew up in the vibrant yet challenging community of Makoko, Lagos, Henry witnessed firsthand the hurdles his family faced in making ends meet. With dreams of pursuing a university education, he encountered a roadblock as his parents struggled to provide the necessary financial support. Undeterred by these obstacles, Henry resolved to seek alternative avenues to carve out a promising future for himself and his family.Despite the setbacks in his educational journey, Henry discovered his innate talent for Tailoring Phonex embroidery. Fueled by passion and determination, he devoted himself to mastering this intricate craft, recognizing it as a potential pathway to financial stability and personal fulfillment. Through sheer dedication and countless hours of practice, Henry honed his skills, transforming ordinary fabrics into exquisite works of art.
While Henry’s talent flourished, his journey was not without its challenges. Despite choosing learning Tailoring Phonex Embroidery, he found himself lacking the necessary resources to acquire the equipment needed to establish his own business. The financial burden weighed heavily on Henry and his family, casting a shadow of uncertainty over his dreams of self-sufficiency and success. But,as fate would have it,
Henry and his family crossed paths with the Temmy Foundation Empowerment International, a beacon of hope for individuals like Henry seeking to turn their dreams into reality. With humility and optimism, Henry and his parents approached the foundation, sharing their story and aspirations for a better future. Moved by their resilience and determination, TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL pledged to empower Henry, not only by providing him with the necessary equipments to kickstart his Tailoring Phonex embroidery business but also by offering support to further his education to university.
With the support of the Temmy Foundation Empowerment International, Henry’s journey takes a transformative turn. TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL looks forward to equipping him with the tools and resources to pursue his passion for Tailoring Phonex Embroidery, we also set out to establish him with his own business after the completion of his 3 years of training in the next six months. Moreover,the foundation’s commitment to supporting his educational aspirations opens doors to new opportunities, empowering Henry to pursue his dreams of higher education and academic excellence!

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