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TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL was moved by ANUOLUWAPO’s story and her father’s plea for help, we swiftly intervened, offering Anuoluwapo a lifeline through our empowerment programs by enrolling her in a comprehensive fashion design training course of one year and three months internship. The foundation provided her with the opportunity to Learn from industry experts TEMMY COLLECTION and acquire the skills necessary to excel in her chosen field.
The impact of the TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL on ANUOLUWAPO AYIFORJI’s life is profound and far- reaching. Through our intervention, Anuoluwapo has been given a second chance to pursue her dreams and transform her life for the better.
The followings are the ways in which TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL empowers Anuoluwapo:
(1). EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION: The foundation’s enrollment of Anuoluwapo in a fashion design training program signifies a crucial investment in her Education and skill development by providing her with access to quality training and resources, the foundation has empowered Anuoluwapo with tools she needs to excel in her chosen field, and also looks forward to SETTING her up with the Necessary EQUIPMENTS after the completion of her training and internship.
(2). OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH: The foundation’s support has opened doors of opportunities for Anuoluwapo that were previously out of reach. Through TEMMY FOUNDATION assistance, Anuoluwapo now has the chance to learn from industry experts, gain hands- on training, expand her knowledge and expertise in fashion design.
(3). FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: By covering the cost associated with ANUOLUWAPO’s training program, foods, clothing and shelter, TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT has alleviated the financial burden on her family including contribution to her family overall well-being and stability.
(4). MENTORSHIP AND GUIDANCE: Beyond financial support, the TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL offers invaluable mentorship and guidance to Anuoluwapo as she navigates her journey towards success. Our experienced team provides her with mentorship, advice, encouragement and helping her to stay focused and motivated along the way.
(5). BUILDING CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM: Through our belief in her potential and unwavering support, TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT has helped boost ANUOLUWAPO’s confidence and self-esteem, knowing that she has backing of a reputable organization behind her, Anuoluwapo feels empowered to pursue her goals with determination and resilience.
Kindly join us in our mission to empower the less privileged by volunteering your time, donating resources or becoming a partner, or organization. Together, we can create a world where every youth will have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Join us in our journey towards a more just, equitable and inclusive world.

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You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. Donate today at temmyfei.org or send zelle to TEMMY FOUNDATION EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL using 301-720-2444.

Thank you for your support.

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